Jon E. Portie
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Welcome to Jon Portie's website. Here you can find some examples of his work, current projects, and his biography. Jon is a professional educator based in Denver Colorado. He has over 8 years of education experience. This experience includes educational aspects of administration and policy, classroom instruction, individual tutoring, and educational consulting for parents and education organizations.

Jon's leadership and instructional models have been tried and proven. He is proud of of the educational advancements that he has helped to achieve. His passion for learning and education continues to grow each and every day. Jon loves to break new ground with innovative education ideals and is always searching for the best way to teach and guide todays students. 

Currently Jon is looking to bring his knowledge and expertise to students that are interested in adventure and service based learning.

Please visit for further information about the current program that Jon is heading.

Feel free to contact Jon with any questions. 

Jon E. Portie
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