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Educational Beliefs and Leadership Style





The founders of education developed schools in order to generate citizens that contribute effectively to society. Our youth are seeking and yearning for opportunities to contribute to society successfully. Students learn daily how to become more competent individuals, achieving success in academic and social tasks. Education gives adolescents a firm foundation on which they can achieve personal fulfillment and gain selfsatisfaction. Opportunities that teachers provide through experiential education and service learning help to advance the individual child. This development ultimately leads to a common goal of social good. Education provides a means for individuals and society to cultivate their future development; through effective educators this is accomplished. I believe it is our goal as educators to aid in the development of our young people to become responsible, thoughtful, and enterprising citizens. We need to base our teachings around ethical principles, moral values, historical knowledge, aesthetic interpretations and social tolerance. These teachings ultimately become the strong foundation on which our youth become capable civil citizens.


Educational goals will be accomplished through the direction of a dedicated leader. I believe that a leader is somebody that displays and instills passion and direction into a group of individuals. With qualities such as devotion, diligence, and integrity, a leader enables a team of individuals to create and accomplish seemingly difficult tasks. These individuals, alongside a leader, will work together to achieve the common goals of education. I find it important to exemplify these attributes so others can emulate and accomplish the tasks of the organization. By serving as an example to others, the leader connects with the team and instills a stronger desire of devotion and dedication within them. As a leader, my responsibility entails working within a structure of supporters and administrative agents that carry out and monitor the will of the organization. I have a responsibility to maintain a charismatic personality gaining rapport with not only the teachers and adults responsible for educating and rearing our youth but a rapport with the youth themselves.

Jon E. Portie
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